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Our company

Kamer İthalat started its commercial activities in 1998 and online trading in 2006.
Our company has taken its steps into the photography industry with a new breath, a new understanding of trade and professional solidarity with its consumers.
Our goal; Our aim has always been to have products that we will stand behind, represent with pride, and that we believe will make our customers happy.
In addition to a fully equipped photography studio; home studios, mini studios to be established in workshops and workplaces, still life studios, flashes and accessories for outdoor photography, all equipment needs of professional or amateur photography enthusiasts and;
Accessories, spare parts and service support for quick and easy solutions to problems are the issues that our company attaches importance to.

To this end; The important criteria that our company observes are that our colleagues approach the solution professionally, pay attention to customer satisfaction, and are knowledgeable and competent about our products.
Our entire aim and effort is; In our increasingly globalized and shrinking world, to offer the same products to photography enthusiasts in Turkey as well as the rest of the world, and to exist together in this race.

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